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Tala's Den
Please see my post before this one!!  Please add my other journal. tribal_huntress</font>

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I've decided to make some peaceful changes in my life.

I realize that by responding to petty drama I am only furthering it and adding fuel to the fire.

All i really want in life is to love everyone for their good qualities, because i know that each and every human being has at least one positive quality about them and if I don't see it at first glance I will look harder.

Hatred, anger, resentment, and so on are all wastes of valuable life, time, energy, and emotion. My psyche has no room for such nonsense. From now on if someone upsets me, dissapoints me, or whatever I am going to shrug it off for I know that it is only human nature and all humans make mistakes..

With that being said, If you have ever betrayed me, hurt me, dissapointed me, etc etc etc consider yourself officially
. I have not time to resent anyone ever, really. Thus, I shall not feed the negative emotions any longer. I want to love everyone because every life is valuable and everyone is beautiful in one way or another.

Also, at this point, I am willing to give anyone a chance to be my friend. No matter who you are or what you've ever done in your life you deserve at least a chance. No, this does not mean that I will allow you to walk all over me, take advantage of me, etc etc etc... If you do happen to let me down, betray my trust, hurt me, bash me, or what have you; I will not seek vengence.. I will shrug it off and "turn the other cheek" so to say. I will walk away and that will be the end of it all.

Also, I'm really going to try to work on my pessimism. It is hard to make it go away since i've pretty much been a pessimist my whole life, but i am going to attempt to look at the world from a new and brighter perspective.

I suppose that's all for now. This is the THIRD time I have tried to make this post, so I'm sure it's lost some of it's feeling, but I'm sure yuou all get the point that I'm attempting to make here.

Peace and love to everyone ♥

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My paid account is expiring soon.  I need to go and delete some of my user pics...  hmmm....

Edit- This is lame.  Check it out.

Paid Account Aug 23, 2006
 - Extra Userpics Dec 24, 2006

Someone has gotten me extra userpics as a gift or something, but my paid account is expiring so.... I feel bad for whoever got me that there gift.....  :-(


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You guys see my new avatar?  It was drawn for me by the lovely anjel_kitty and she is currently taking commisions.  ^.^

Thank you!!!!!

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I've been having WAY too much fun on Second Life!!!

LAst night there was a Furry rave.  It was awesome!!!

I'm the white one with the big tail..

What are you guys' names on SL?  I'm Tala Fuhr!!  Add me as a friend, mmmkay?
Now, I must go and clean my house... and return to this world.  blah.

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You guys should come chat with me on imvu.. Here are some cute pictures I took.

Tomorrow I am hanging out with shifter_kitsune!! It is her birthday and we're going to go to THIS party, which is only 2 miles from my house!!! YAY!!!


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You are 87% Aquarius

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So please, if you want to be added send me a message via email- whitewolf_grrrl@hotmail.com  Thank you.

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